Take extra care when removing keycaps

Mounting a new artisan keycap may be easy, but what happens if you need to remove them?

Before we introduce two methods to remove the keycaps, using a wired keycap puller would be a good tool to have by your side.

We recommend getting a wired keycap puller as they are less likely to scratch or chip off the sides of your keycaps. Avoid using plastic keycap puller as it can scratch the sides because it slides over the sides of the keycap until the plastic hook snaps under the keycap.

There are two ways that we recommend to remove them. Let's get started!

Method 1: Remove surrounding keycaps before removing the artisan keycap by hand

By removing surrounding keycaps, it will allow sufficient space for your fingers to pull out the artisan keycap carefully (see picture below). You may also use a wired keycap puller to pull out the surrounding keycaps. However, extra caution is needed to avoid damaging the sides of the artisan keycap.


Method 2: Get a wired keycap puller and gently insert & pull out the keycap

Carefully insert the wired keycap puller and pull it up straight.

We hope that you'll find this two approaches useful for you! Do give us a shout out on Instagram @infinityncaty & @caty.ng.cds if you found this useful.