Handmade black and white ivory shaped and swirl polymer clay earrings with crystal and bead embellishments

Royal Black Ivory Swirl Earrings

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"Black and white creates a unique dreamscape that color never can."

Royal Black Ivory Swirl Earrings flaunts your sweet and sometimes cheeky nature, perfect if you are out to meet your loved ones.

Measurements: approx. 5cm (L) x 1cm (W) - Left | 3cm (L) x 2cm (W) - Right

Material: Made with quality Polymer Clay and Stainless Steel hooks

🌈 Material: Good quality polymer clay and stainless steel hooks, posts and back are used for all our earrings which are suitable for most sensitive ears. Note that some other accessories(crystals or gold/rose gold plated parts) on certain earrings are not stainless steel, please refer to Jewellery Care take care of your earrings/pendants!

🌈 Our products are entirely handmade from scratch. We appreciate your understanding that flaws or imperfection are inevitable. Please agree to our Terms and Conditions prior to purchase. All Sales Are Final.

🌈 Please allow for slight color differences. Our actual product are more vibrant and beautiful than on pictures as the camera might not be able to capture the full details.